• The GNF Team

Just Announced: Blowcomotion' at GNF!!

Blowcomotion is comin’ in hot as our resident community big brass band at Good Neighbor Fest! With 25-35 players at any given performance, they’re sure to blow your socks off.

They’re passionate about involving the community and encouraging people to jump in with the rhythm section! Don’t worry, they’ll teach you everything you need to know make some sweet music.

As a volunteer-run nonprofit, they’ll also be giving away Blowcomotion stickers & shaker eggs, selling merch and other fun ways to help support their organization.

RSVP to this event to get updates and stay in the loop about the fest. Be sure to invite a friend or neighbor!

Want to join Good Neighbor Fest?

There are still a few slots open for musical performers at Good Neighbor Fest!

Contact us for more information on how you can be involved!